Alight, bila notice ulijievict
Kwangu ukacease to exist
And from then, sijawaisettle. Down
Sijui ka ushapata mwingine, na roho yako
Ishaanza kuskip a bit
Huku yangu, nadhani imecease to beat
Sauti ndo inamiss by now ingeuunda beats from the heartbeats
Alaf iwe hit
Hit by hit, every day I would have been hitting on you
I am missing you
I tell yaah, uliniwacha kwa mataa
Red light means stop, and for that sitamove on Zile days za kitambo, music Poa was you but ka cassette ulijieject,
Eviction yako chombo cha misery yangu, kusettle ni project nimeshindwa kuwa pro,
Sijui ushapata mwingine, one who roars whole your heart and daily roho yako hutulia
Machozi, majonzi, me hulia juu si hatia nilikupenda,
and when my heart cease to beat all i see is to be next to sauti yako
Labda mapenzi yangu yamebeat,
Labda song yangu zilistop kubeat,
But heartbeat yangu huheat my every memory nikikumbuka those day I used to hit.
I miss you, Sina words better za kuisemea my miss, the way we sang
Roses are red, rangi ya stop I never read. Kithread Niko twisted around you, nilijifunga twice instead.





So i heard karma was a bitch
Didnt know she comes with an itch
And my heart again i would need to stitch
When all my mistake was with her to stick
Like glue through thin and thick
See,emotion to me was a hoax
A game played by those with the prowess to coarse
Now i am haunted by all that i dreaded-ghosts
Of something i had sworn not to participate
Not because i wanted to but i was torn not to even anticipate
Probably love buh it was mostly pain
In me the art of walls and wits of savagery i chose to inculcate
Till lady X came my way
I asked myself why
But before i could figure it out,just like i failed algebra ,with her-deep i fell
Then the cupid i dreaded shot
The cold i used to be stopped
There and then my walls dropped
I didnt try to run,i wasnt strong enough and jst from her touch my pulse stopped
Far away from home we were
She said in my arms she felt at home
So i held her close,so from me she wouldnt roam
All lovely n blissfull
In a long time i felt peaceful
We travelled to places..Paris but Rome
And slowly she became part of me-the lost rib i lost
Stories and memories
Laughter with no socery
And all night we danced to the rythm of youth and sweet love
Her gaze held me in a calcified trance
Mesmerised i was by her hypnotic love
I liked it she said she loved it
And our bond illuminated the path ahead
I had the A’s of spades
And i prayed our love wouldnt fade
Hehehe…too bad wishes aint horses
I would have rode off in a stallion
Now i all down the block
Shattered pieces of my heart everywhere
Like sand from a broken hourglass
The thrill of the moment halted
This bond broken
It happened how it did but it wasnt by my deeds
So even if i bleed …my prayer for you is that you live
To remember this soul you berieved…
I will forever have you deep

By Brooks



Am standing next to him
No heartbeat racing
No desire forming
Nothing like it used to be
My eyes are staring at him
A bit into his eyes
An inch into his crotch haha
Way far into the imaginations
Nothing like it used to be
Am talking to him
My attention wanes in the few words
My focus throws itself to many other things
My food on that table goes stale
Nothing is like it used to be
He searches for my eyes
Finding the plain look in them
Finding the fading life in them
Seeing the drowning excitement in them
Nothing like it used to be
He seeks the attention I gave freely
He thirsts for the funny me
He desires the woman I used to be to him
Nothing is like it used to be
We walk in the same pavements
My absent mind serves him company
We part ways without that cosy hug
We laugh faintly at life
He talks more than I do
He points at fancy cars
The woman I was to him living another life
Nothing is like it used to be
He boards that bus home
He calls but I slept earlier
He burns his night awake
Rethinking life with these steeplechase moments
He tears a bit
Wiping the desperation with his palm
That maybe i was just low today
He narrates her own story
Maybe his privileges are written off
Cause nothing will ever be
What it used to be
The late night calls
The laughter in our dates
The holding of his hands
The company of love
Nothing is ever the same
So I threw my roses
So I sung my dirges
So I read my eulogy
And carried that casket to the graveyard..
Burried they were..
All the lies,tears,memories
Nothing more than a cemented roof over this grave
That covered what of you i  craved
But my heart you depraved
Of all the care and love for you it gave
I cannot redo “US “ no more…
Because i had you to the core but me you tore
So goodbye my lover….dont run sore
I loved you for sure…..❤





Its so hot in here, im choking in my own breath,
traces of images in my head, im afraid Ill loose my faith.
My own face so drawn to the cream of your skin,
my urges skin deep, my appetite stiffened & itching for you indeed
to touch,
to taste,
to feel,
your form tickles my appetite,
your monstrous contours perfectly woven around your waist,
and the baggage in your carriage
I have never seen so much junk stuffed in the bags of your curves,
and you tummy
Yes your tummy, so tiny and starved of nourishment
How did you dig this lust deep in me without my consent ?

Beget thee a chance to cool off the heat
And stop wishing of castles that are doing you the trick
My body you wish to touch, to feel
My hand I give come explore the thrill
Stop asking questions of how deep your lust I dug
Begin to search how long it can last, Or not?
Then loosen your appetite and let urges flow
For the earths to be shaken by how deep we can go
Loose yo’self, be not afraid of thy faith
For heavens are at will so just do permit

Before i became a saint i was a beast.                              I did obscene things with my dip stick like a wolf on heat.      Now dear, you wanna take me back to what i was,          the horse pipe man that dug deep into wells and that was my curse.                                  Dear, know this, once i start i go deeper than the oceans.                                     I’m a freak that wont stop without your consent

No I’m not taking you back to what was, but who you are
No I’m not awakening a beast but uncaging one
No I don’t care if you are a wolf cause so is She
A vampire within with a crave for your “thing”
A she- monster that will freak you in
An Angel so refined that will take you to places so divine
Where saints desire monsters and monsters, saints
Where ecstasy is ecstasy
On dry land as in deep seas

Will you withstand my thrust Will you bê able to keep up with my guts?                          If your answer is yes! Then we Will game!  I Will give you sensations and you will shout my name,  i Will feel  so deep you Will bê overwhelmed how full i fill you, and i love you like a crave, like an addiction só grave, i Will awe you with stunts that Will awaken the dead love locked in your sachet of heart, i Will bê your soldier só brave, that you’ll desire me with you all day, i Will bê this and more only if you kiss me, my bae 😊

So much talk I almost feel a bore
How I wish you would just walk the talk
To unleash the monster you claim within
To discover the desires I hold in too
If not? Then, I won’t insist
I’m a patient one, I don’t push
But to give a thing for me to hold ?
Will you shut- up and kiss me too?

Kiss me dear, run your tongue deep in my mouth take your hand inside my shorts and touch the monster that lies on board

This monster, so adored
Can he tickle my fancy? I would like to know
Will he take me to the clouds and beyond?
Will he let the stars and moon bare witness?
I desire the feel, this I know
To take the monster out of its ill
But I gotta be real before I sin
I want to kiss, deep within

Written by:
*B & She*😉




Ati  wahenga walisema chanda chema huvikwa pete
Nilifanya kila kitu up and under these skies
Kutry kumuonesha vile she takes me up high like the sky
Day one kumuona nilijua she is the one
Alikua fly why lie beyond my league
Maboy mtaani walimuita “high maintenance”
Hapo mimi hustler noti ya thao sina hata one
Nacheza tu kwa hustlers -league
Every night kabla nijilaze sikuhata kusema the apostles creed
Nilitaka akue my angel -design ataset my heart free
Anikubali nikue her morgan kimawazo nikue a free-man
Yes …We were two worlds apart
But yeye ndio alikua my missing part
Ningemchezea ata harp au  nikue comedian kama hart
Sharti anipe chance ya kujitetea na my part
Of the story-sitakudanganya kusema tu tu “hi” akipita was the hardest cat
But what is life without risks
And what is a man without guts
Nilitoka kukua the silent watcher when she takes her meals
Sai mimi ndio the owner naprovide her meals
Na this goes down to the books
First love na nilipata ni true


First time kumuona alinichanganya,
Vile alikua amejibeba but still anachill nganya,
Mwanamme ni kujichocha, hivo ndio sii hujidanganya,
So nikamuapproach nikasema hi,
Aliavoid my eyes ikakua obvious she’s shy,
Na vile uoga huongeza urembo nilistruggle na words in my attempt kucreate lines, nikamshow vile ako fine,
Na of course ningetaka akue mine,
Vile ako na ass na class design haeziingia exam room akafail kupass,
Vile alikua ameiva kama ras,
Yaani ningekua Gregory Isaacs yeye tu ndio angekua my night nurse…
Alipiga smile moja pricey kama cash,
Akabrush her hair to the side akiblush,
Akanishow she’s in a rush but hangemind kukeep in touch,
So akanipee number nikamflash,
Natasha, nikamsave  Tash.

At this point ni right kusema she was all over my mind,
And though without her peace ilikua hard to find,
I didn’t mind.
Coz nikiwa grind daily ni yeye nilipenda kufikiria,
Na ku unwind ni laugh yake nilipenda kuskia,
Alikua wangu malkia,
And it was obvious I wanted to spend with her the rest of my years,
Na sikuhesitate kumwambia..
Without her singemaliza a week in peace,
Na smile yake ilinimake weak kwa knees…

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